Profit from sale of Sunlit Art products (international and Southwest-inspired Advent calendars, cards and prints) goes to organizations working to protect our planet, to help those in need, and to promote international understanding and peace. For a list of organizations, see contact page.

  • Cloud Quilt #1
  • Cloud Quilt #3
  • Present Moment
  • Cranes
  • Cloud Quilt #2
  • Pines in the Wind
  • Dancing with a Dragonfly #2

The art work shown on this website is a product of the artist’s imagination, based on memories, impressions from recent and historic photographs, and from direct observation. The colors you see on your computer screen are approximations of those of the actual cards, calendars, prints, and watercolors.

Some of the works shown to the left are still available for purchase. Please contact the artist for prices and availability.

For interesting facts about dragonflies, click here.